Bankruptcy Law & Litigation

Gonzalez and Gonzalez Law, brings a wide spectrum of experience to this highly specialized field of bankruptcy in Chapter 7, 11 and 13 cases. Our clientele include corporate and individual debtors, creditors, Chapters 7 and 11 trustees, and state court receivers and conservators. Our firm offers counseling to businesses and individuals to take the frustration and stress out of managing debt and bankruptcies, including preventing creditors from calling, mortgage foreclosures, and repossessions. We provide assistance through all stages of filing for bankruptcy from a thorough review and analysis of each client’s case to the closing of the case. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the ability to start fresh, even if it means not filing for bankruptcy protection, and counseling to ensure future success.

Even the most successful business people may need the debt relief that bankruptcy provides. When you know that your business is overburdened by debt, and you have tried to work with creditors, sometimes it is the only way. Gonzalez & Gonzalez Law, P.C., has been helping the Southern California business community escape the burden of heavy debt since 1987.

We are one of the very few Hispanic law firms in the U.S. to be appointed as a US bankruptcy court trustee. This means that our lawyers understand how the bankruptcy laws work, and we know how to apply the law on your behalf. Business law is what we do for you. Filing for Bankruptcy? Calling us first is your best way to start.

Whether you are a small business owner filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 debt relief, an individual filing for personal bankruptcy, or a creditor seeking repayment of debts from a business bankruptcy, our bankruptcy attorneys can help. We have helped hundreds of business owners during all phases of the bankruptcy process.

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Michael Zargar

I hired this firm several years ago to handle an extremely complex case. They did an excellent job with a great great result. They are honest, fair and most important, extremely knowledgeable.”

Timothy Yoo

Ross has represented me (in my capacity as chapter 7 bankruptcy trustee) for almost 20 years.  Without exception, he provided prompt and expert representation while always being mindful of his fees.”

Pamela Hall

“I want to thank you for the great effort you put into representing me in the lawsuit against me. Many ups and downs but you did not waiver in your representation of me. I would definitively recommend Gonzalez and Gonzalez Law.” 

Oscar Naranjo

President of International House of Music, Inc.  – “Gonzalez & Gonzalez is a professional law firm that you can count on. Whether you need legal advice or legal representation it is a firm that knows all facets of law. We feel confident having Gonzalez & Gonzalez by our side.”

Z. Zhao

“Ross and Zach have provided us great guidance and mentorship throughout the litigation process. Our family is extremely grateful for their help during the most challenging times in our lives.”

Ping Lu

“When I started working with Ross and Zach, I was dealing with multiple complicated cases. With their expertise, Ross and Zach were able to guide me through years of tedious legal disputes, which eventually led to outcomes that were favorable to me. They were highly efficient and extremely responsive to all my questions. I felt valued as a client because they listened to and addressed all  my concerns. I would not hesitate to recommend Gonzalez & Gonzalez Law to anyone in need of their excellent analytical skills and legal knowledge.”

Ping Lu

当我开始与罗斯和扎克合作时,我正在处理多个复杂的案件。凭借他们的专业知识,罗斯和扎克能够指导我解决多年繁琐的法律纠纷, 最终产生了对我有利的结果。他们非常高效,
我会毫不犹豫地向任何需要他们出色的分析技能和法律知识的人推荐 Gonzalez & Gonzalez Law.